Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Any occurrence with what may happen is purely coincidental ”
Next minute!

Well, we continue in the monitoring, tracking where the E / O are, those E / O ke are the precursors of earthquakes, among many other phenomena that have stirred up the scientific community, phenomena ke has deliriously satiated, They have in the world of fantasies, but hey, this is not for this! Well, the thing is how it looks, in the great depths of the marine regions of South Central Mexico (come back with the same?) Yes! strong turbulence with foci of presence of E / O in the regions of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Guerrero, slightly compact in their foci, now, the pressures ke are being generated in those depths will make ascend those E / O to the depths of 300 km and the expansions will begin, mov. towards its coastal regions, penetrations in constant ascents to be located in the 50 to 5 km of depth in maintained expansions, all this causing intermittent landslides (earthquakes), among other phenomena of dissipation, now, this avalanches of ascents of E / O will last more from 24 hours to 48 hours, (of course, they come from great depths) we do not see the end!, mov. towards the Northwest, North and Gulf of Mexico, (tonic) gusts towards the South, to affect (saturate) marine regions and coastal lines to regions of Nicaragua, now, did the earthquake actually happen in Mexico City? marine regions of the center South of Mexico and the powerful masses of E / O ke caused that collapse achieved many more pressures by moving through porosities to hit the walls of those porosities in the different regions where they felt the mov.son things ke iremos explaining with our theory, since we do not have how to go to those depths to see! We continue, only attentive!

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