Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Any occurrence with what may happen is purely coincidental ”
Next minute!

Well, as part of the Monitoring of E / O and its dissipation phenomena has been detected in the great depths of Oruro, Potosi, La Paz, Bolivia regions, powerful turbulence by the presence of strong masses of E / O with wide radius of action in the depths of 400 km with slow ascents and expansions in horizontal to ke measure at different depths filtering E / O precursors of earthquakes to the northern regions of Argentina, Jujuy, Salta, San Juan, could reach regions of the Center , Mendoza, Cordoba, (very expansive ke could reach the South Atlantic regions) strong leaks towards the Center and North of Peru, South of Ecuadormoderadas filtrations to the North of Chile, the Center of the foci in the depths of Bolivia! attentive!

With a slight increase to weak masses of E / O with presence in vast territories of regions of the USA, with foci of presence of E / O in the Northwest regions of Montana, reg. of Wyoming, Utah, North Central Idaho, several outbreaks in reg. of Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Arkansas, prof. of Seattel, Washington, and its reg. marine; reg. marine of Oregon, with filtrations towards its terrestrial depths, marine Regions of the West of California, reg. from Eureka, Sacramento, San Francisco, Bakersfield, Los Angeles, there will be an increase in the seismic and moderate swells some of the earthquakes (landslides) will have an expansive tonic towards the Northeast Center, reaching masses of E / O up to regions of Tennessee, Virginia, Atlantic Ocean, infesting vast regions of continental USA, an increase in dissipation phenomena, powerful convections of E / O in water vapors, strong emteorological events in apogee, now detecting strong masses of E / O in the depths of Hawaii, very expansive and causing powerful I / O convections in phenomena; presence of E / O in the regions of South Central Alaska, Gulf of Alaska, Andreanof, Rat, Fox, Islands (Aleutian, Alaska , strong expansions to the regions of Kamchatka, Siberia, Russia Regions, Kuril Islands and exporadicas arrivals to reg.of Japan.Let’s follow!

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