Prediccion Terremotos!Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Prediccion Terremotos!

Any occurrence with what may happen is purely coincidental ”
Next minute!

Well, arriving from the snag and monitoring at once! Greetings!

Look we are going to explain what we can not explain, nothing of fears! We are going to say that it is happening in great depths, something incredible (but, lately giving itself sporadically) is something unpredictable, since the phenomenon is new, but we make it known! as we detected it, now in these very moments in the regions of the Center and South of Peru, a powerful monster, a “bomb” of E / O, that includes marine and terrestrial regions, and with strong (strong) expansions towards regions of the Center and North of Chile, and some remittances will escape to the South, peroooo !!! close to 300 km depth crossing the territory of Chile, North South with irregular signals openings, rajas, kebraduras, etc … I do not know how you will say, attaching large amounts of masses of E / O (for now avoiding a powerful earthquake ) for those rajas the signals of the E / O are lost, that is to say, going down to many depths (many !!!) masses of this aberrant “Vacuum” are always escaping now, where those E / O are, where they are heading This is complicated! Signs are detected at great depths of presence and ascents in the Central and Eastern Caribbe Humm? with a sequence, frequency of signs very similar to the escapes from regions of Chile, Humm? and and detecting that same phenomenon in the depths of Iran (Center, marine and land reg, West), here we are trying to connect, I told them!, This is new, unpredictable so ke ke ke be attentive!, ke consequences brings this new and mysterious phenomenon? We are really only speculating, but if we are sure that it has saved regions of Chile from strong earthquakes, we will continue with the wheel here, blah, blah, blah, every two hours or so to give you details of such a phenomenon, very interesting for our study for future forecasts of the E / O and its phenomena of the ke are precursors, among them the earthquakes. We follow and very attentive!