Prediccion de Terremotos!Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Any occurrence with what may happen is purely coincidental ”
Next minute!

Well, for our followers in the regions of Costa Rica, Panama, no fears! just be forewarned, we detect the presence of masses of E / O with signs, moderate to strong pulsations at great depths, complicating things to reg. of Costa Rica, of course those ascents and expansions will allow to lower the high pulsations and also favored by the seismic swarms, volcanic tremor, all this developing in the marine depths of the Southwest of Costa Rica, ascending they will expand in the 360 ​​degrees to different depths, we are in crisis and there ke ke be vigilant! with the guard up! to dispel the dangers! and fearful, unpredictable E / O, marine regions of the South of Ecuador showing signs of presence and ascents of E / O in intermittent gusts towards their coastal regions (coastal lines, passes to the regions of Colombia very expansive (por ke?) impeccable porosities allow such a phenomenon, only attentive !! Now detecting the presence of E / O in the regions (depths of Potosi, up to La Paz, Bolivia regions) clear that they will scale up and expand in the 360 ​​degrees and they will throw their branches of E / O towards the North of Argentina, ideal conditions to take them to regions of l South of the Atlantic, calm but informed!