Earthquake Prediction! Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Earthquake Prediction! Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Any occurrence with what may happen is purely coincidental ”
Next minute!

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Well, as we have pointed out in previous parts, as the vacuum phenomenon gradually subsides in the regions of Chile, we will have an increase in earthquakes, the vacuum phenomenon has dropped by 80% in the marine and terrestrial depths of the Chilean territory, leaving vast infested regions of Australasia (South Pacific), now, intermittent earthquakes will increase in regions of Chile, we already have the southern regions of Chile, Aisen, Los Lagos, Araucanía with significant concentrations of E / O in its marine and terrestrial depths (eye with the volcanic regions), important concentrations of E / O at different depths will occur in the regions of Bio-Bio, Valparaiso, Coquimbo, will be very expansive towards the regions of NorthAntofagasta, Tarapaca … and Central Chile, bolidos will reach regions of South of Peru, leaking passes to central and northern regions of Argentina, will be very widespread for now, and in the next few hours n to compact itself by increasing the magnituities of earthquakes, we will be very attentive to such a phenomenon ke is still dangerous, and very interesting to study, giving them the details, only attentive to the next parts! We will share it, we continue!

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