Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Earthquake! Next Hours, Next day!

Any occurrence with what may happen is purely coincidental ”
Next minute!

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Well, this is part of the monitoring of the E / O, we will make a quick warning for our followers in the regions of the Carib Sea, in the depths (great depths) 500 km are detected powerful turbulence with a wide radius of action by the presence yy ke beginning to ascend large masses of E / O (not of bread!) in the regions of the Eastern Caribbean Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and several Islands of the Lesser Antilles, Antigua, Barbado, Trinidad and Tobago … masses of E / Or extremely dangerous because of the strong pulsations they present, they will rise intermittently and move towards the West, thus they will bathe vast regions of the Carib Sea (different depths) displacements in horizontals, caressing Coastal regions to the Caribbean of Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, they will accumulate in regions of the Dominican Republic, Haiti, continuing to move towards regions of the West of the Caribbean, caressing vast depths of Cuba, Jamaica, IC, on their way to s regions of the Gulf of Mexico and penetrating the depths of the South of the USA, mov. expansive towards its Center and Northeast, the subarina volcanic activities will increase, submarine vents, gas emanations (precursors of varied meteorological phenomena, powerful convections of E / O in water vapors, and seismic swarms will not be lacking, and some other earthquake ke for frights!, very attentive for the next parties!

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